Fresh Hydrated Skin is what's in for Summer...

Fresh, Dewy skin is what's in and new! It's a great transition from Spring to Summer makeup. Dewy skin has an almost moist appearance. It has natural oils that reflect light and create radiance and just with a touch of highlighter in the right places makes this look even more vibrantly beautiful.

To accomplish this healthy looking glow is easy, all you really need is  clean and moisturized skin, a cream-based blush and highlighter, and if you really want to take it all the way, add a hydrating mist.

You can go with a full face of makeup if you wish, but the point is to keep the skin soft and glowing. The dewier the skin looks the more fresh and younger you will look! Win-Win!!!

Product recommendations:

NYX Rouge Cream Blush
NYX Born To Glow Illuminator
Ulta Setting Spray for Dewy Finish

All products linked are $10 and under. Horrayyy!!!

Iluuminator/Highlighter in the apples of her cheeks and nose


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