All about Eyelash Extensions...

All about Eyelash Extensions:

Lovely long lashes are a luxury, but they’re also often a necessity, too! Doesn’t every woman deserve to look and feel her best? Our opinion is that the answer to that question is a resounding ‘YES’🙌...
If you aren’t already enjoying the beauty and ease that eyelash extensions can bring, here are our top three reasons to get eyelash extensions:
Special Occasions-
Weddings, birthdays, celebrations… all of the above are fantastic reasons to get eyelash extensions. Whether it’s your special day, or someone else’s, you should look and feel your absolute best! Special occasions are the perfect excuse to treat yourself to treatments like eyelash extensions and getting your nails done – pamper yourself a little bit and you’ll head to your event feeling and looking lovely!  
Confidence & Style-
All of the eyelash technicians at Beauty Door believe that every woman should live each day feeling beautiful. So, we firmly believe as well that women should feel free to make eyelash extensions part of their regular beautifying routine, like getting their hair done. Eyelash extensions give your eyelashes length, thickness, and darkness to look naturally beautiful. Plus, you can choose from a variety of different types, thicknesses, and lengths of eyelash extensions – meaning you can customize your style for the look you love! Extensions on your lashes help to give your style a boost, make your daily makeup routine shorter, and increase your feeling of confidence. Your oh-so-lovely lashes will make you feel and look gorgeous!
Just Because!
Who needs a reason to pamper and indulge? You don’t have to wait for your best friend’s wedding to come along, or drum up some excuse for longer, fuller lashes. Just make your appointment and get it done! Go for a natural look to enhance your already lovely looks, or do something a little more glamorous for fun. ‘Just because’ is reason enough.
Whatever your reason, our awesome technicians at Beauty Door are poised and at-the-ready to make your eyelash extensions happen – just contact us to make an appointment and we come to you!  Reap all the benefits of having your own personal Stylist and get The Eyelash Extension service in the comfort of your home. To book your lash extension appointment click here:

Common client questions: 

Will my normal eyelashes grow back normally after extensions? Yes, your eyelashes will grow normally but all our eyelashes go through the following normal growth process stages:

Anagen phase-This stage usually lasts 2 weeks and it's the growth period for each individual eyelash.
Catagen phase-This is known as the transition phase, where the lash stops growing and you are ready for extensions again.

What  are the best eyelash growth serums?  We recommend applying  castor oil along the lash line every night, this will enhance your lash growth and it is a very natural and organic hair growth oil. Find it here: Castor OilOrganic Castor Oil USDA Certified Hair Regrowth Tonic Energizing Scalp Serum + eBook - Boost New Growth For Eyelashes, Hair, Eyebrows. Hair Loss Prevention Therapy + Cold Pressed Hexane-free
How do I take care of my eyelash extensions? The aftercare is very simple, don't fiddle with your lashes, brush them every morning and night and always when dry, never when wet. Wash your lashes to prevent build up. Do not pull or remove the extensions yourself as this can affect the natural growth of your lashes. Get fills every two to three weeks or as necessary to maintain the look.

Now you can reap all the benefit of getting this beauty service in the comfort of your home. 

Client Photos:


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