4 Tips on how to Style and direct your own photoshoot

Hi Loves-

Styling and directed your own photoshoot can be overwhelming. Here are my 4 most important tips that are key to styling and directing a successful photoshoot to get the photos you always envisioned.

1. Have a vision.

See yourself as the Director! You need to know the cast (which is you) Also, you need to know the right location to tell the story. So doing some leg work beforehand is very beneficial. I would suggest to visit locations before your shoot. The copy-writing has to merge. If you are looking to do Branding photos, then select a location that embodies that story. If it's photos for Social Media content, select fun places that will go with what you are trying to create. Photos tell stories, so make sure that yours is doing just that.

2. Plan, plan and plan again.

“You may want to spend one or two days at the shoot, but who has time for that. I certainly know that I don't. So this is why EXTRA planning is beneficial. Make sure you have a inspiration photos of what you would like to accomplish. If budget permits have your hair and makeup done professionally. It makes a huge difference in photos. Just make sure you tell your makeup artist that your makeup look will be for a photoshoot (important details to share,that way they will use products that don't have a flash back on camera). If you live in Dallas, you can hire a budget friendly artist at www.beautydoorpro.com. When selecting the wardrobe for the shoot, make sure you have key pieces that will tell the story. For instance, Branding shoot: Professional attire (if it's for business) or fun, edgy clothes if you are a fashion influencer, etc. One thing I do know best is that less is more. Styling Tip: Simple clothes and  accessories tend to work best for branding photos, that way the focus is on you and not your wardrobe.

3. Choose photographers wisely.

Do your research on the photographer. Use photographers "who listen to you". “Because there’s only one vision. The photographer needs to be behind us 100%.” It is always a plus when the photographer assists in directing your vision and both of you work together. 
There is photographers that are so experienced and you don't have to do anything, just show up. But for the most part, be ready to direct your own vision!

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Of course, you’ll be hiring folks like photographers, stylists and make-up artists. But don’t shy away from asking for advice from colleagues or even bringing in a friend or consultant.

Here are some of my photos that I have styled and directed. I would love to hear from you, so comments or questions are welcome. I hope you enjoyed this article. XO-Maria
As you can see in this photo,I did my own makeup and my highlight is in full effect and has flashback, so investing in a makeup artist is beneficial.  Photo by: Shaka Media
Fall Campaign for Beauty Door Pro-Because you are the brand!
Photo by: Gregory Martin Photography
Makeup by: Beauty by Omar

Branding Photos for Beauty Door Pro
Photo by: Jmintondigital
Makeup by: Backstage makeup
Family Portrait in Costa Rica
Holiday Campaign for Beauty Door Pro
Photo by: Gregory Martin Photography


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