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Hello Beauty!

Recently, I was approached by a young lady and she asked me if I wanted to share some words of encouragement to young female entrepreneurs on her company launch party. As I did my research, I could not have been more impressed and inspired on what Shampaigne Graves is doing with Bold Babes, so of course I had to say yes! I went representing Beauty Door Pro and talked about how we connect local Dallas artists to clients looking for in-home Beauty. Yes, Beauty Door Pro is a  mobile on-demand platform where you can order beauty services to your door. To learn more about  Beauty Door Pro click here.

Bold Babes is a lifestyle brand, community and platform where bold female voices are amplified. It is a community of women who all have the same passion, helping others and the desire to become the Bold leader they always envisioned. Women who collaborate instead of compete is ONE powerful thing! Please visit their social media platforms for collaboration opportunities and to learn more by clicking here Bold Babes Co
Photos provided by the talented Shots by CJ
Shampaigne Graves  and Myself Maria Sanchez-Priester

The event was held at the gorgeous  Venture X Galleria. Venture X is a collaborative work space in a stunning office setting. You get to choose your monthly plan according to your office needs.
The venue was conveniently located in the Galleria area close to many metropolitan shops and restaurants. I encourage you to stop by and visit Venture X and consider them for your next office meeting or corporate gathering.

One of my favorite vendors from the launch Party was Drink Bibs! These fun group of female entrepreneurs created a juice box for adults. YES!!!! You can now drink your favorite cocktail in a plastic pouch with a straw and not worry if you will spill and ruin your lipstick or your clothes. Perfect for party bus or bridal parties. Thy also do creative table displays and personalized labels.I know I will be reaching out to these ladies soon.


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