Attainable ways to be more self-confident

Hey Babes!

I know it has been a hot minute since I wrote my last post but you know, life happens. I am however very active on Instagram and you can follow me here Mariasjsanchez.

I have honestly been so distracted with things that did not matter and that led to weight gain, sickness and a hit on my self-confidence.

I was being my inner critic for so long... BUT I switched things around and I now find ways and opportunities to congratulate, reward and compliment myself. You too should try this!

I have been working very hard to be myself again and wanted to share some of the things I have been doing that have really worked for me.

First and foremost, DO NOT COMPARE yourself to others.... You are God's masterpiece and you are perfect the way you are.

1. Visualize yourself as you want to be.

Visualization is the technique of seeing an image of yourself that you are proud of, in your own mind. When we struggle with low self-confidence, we have a poor perception of ourselves that is often inaccurate. Practice visualizing a fantastic version of yourself, achieving your goals.

2. Affirm yourself.

Affirmations are positive and uplifting statements that we say to ourselves. These are normally more effective if said out loud so that you can hear yourself say it. We tend to believe whatever we tell ourselves constantly. For example, if you hate your own physical appearance, practice saying something that you appreciate or like about yourself when you next look in the mirror.

3. Set yourself up to win.

Too many people are discouraged about their abilities because they set themselves goals that are too difficult to achieve. Start by setting yourself small goals that you can win easily. This is huge!
Once you have built a stream of successes that make you feel good about yourself, you can then move on to harder goals. Make sure that you also keep a list of all your achievements, both large and small, to remind yourself of the times that you have done well.

4. Help someone else.

Helping others often enables us to forget about ourselves and to feel grateful for what we have. It also feels good when you are able to make a difference for someone else.
Instead of focusing on your own weaknesses, volunteer to mentor, assist or teach another, and you'll see your self-confidence grow automatically in the process.

5. Care for yourself.

Self-confidence depends on a combination of good physical health, emotional health and social health. It is hard to feel good about yourself if you hate your physique or constantly have low energy. 
I lost 18 pounds by doing a weight loss program through Red Mountain Weightloss. That boosted my self-confidence 100%. You can request an appointment and add me as a referral ( Maria S Sanchez) for $25 off.
Make time to cultivate great exercise, eating and sleep habits. In addition, dress the way you want to feel. You have heard the saying that “clothes make the person.” Build your self-confidence by making the effort to look after your own needs.

I hope that these tips help you get out there and use your God-given gifts with all the Self Confidence in the world!

With Love and Light,


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